Arizona State Requirements

Continuing Education Hours

  • Licenses beginning or renewing on or after January 1, 2014 (which means that your license expires on or after January 31, 2018), must complete 48 hours of Arizona-approved insurance continuing education, which must include at least 6 hours of ethics training every 4 years.
  • Licenses beginning or renewing before January 1, 2014, must complete 40 hours of insurance continuing education during the 4 year license term if an Arizona-resident insurance producer held a non-resident insurance producer license in another state at any time during the license term.

License Renewal

  • As of April 2017 all AZ insurance license numbers were changed to National Producer Numbers. Licenses expire on the last day of the month of issuance.

Courses accepted for CE Credit

  • Classroom/Seminar/Conference/Teleconferences/Webinars
  • Self-Study Courses
  • Online Courses
  • Instructors may earn double credit hours for teaching a classroom course for five or more students. AZ licensee who are instructors may earn instructor credit only once during a compliance period.

Course Subject Requirements

  • Ethics requirement of 6 (six) hours for licensees.

Annuity Requirement

  • Effective December 31, 2017: Before selling, soliciting or negotiating an annuity, an insurance producer with a life insurance line of authority shall complete a one-time 4 credit-hour training course approved pursuant to Section 20-2904 that is provided by an approved education provider. Satisfactory completion of the training requirements of another state that are substantially similar to the Arizona amended provisions will satisfy the requirement.

Long Term Care Requirement

  • Initial 8-hour training requirement: Before selling, soliciting or negotiating LTC insurance products in Arizona, a producer must be licensed with the “Accident and Health or Sickness” line of authority; and have completed eight (8) hours of Arizona approved initial LTC training.
  • Ongoing 4-hour training requirement: A 4-hour follow-up course must be completed after the two-year period in which the person satisfied the initial 8-hour LTC training requirement.

Carryover Requirements

  • Credit hours cannot be carried over to the next compliance period.

Course Repetition

  • Credit will not be given for a course that is repeated within a compliance period.

Final Exam

  • Self-study exams must be monitored by a CE provider director or a designee of the provider; or, an Arizona licensee who supervises the student completing an exam. The monitoring process must ensure that the student will complete the exam and that the specified conditions of administration are observed. Exams must be kept sealed until the exam starts. Providers may allow exams to be administered on an open-book basis. Providers who require closed-book exams must be sure that students are notified in advance of that requirement. The monitor and licensee must sign the Affidavit of Personal Responsibility. Providers may not refer students to the Arizona Department of Insurance for a proctor. Providers must retain the Affidavits.
  • Specific Monitor Affidavit Needed.


  • Agents who hold a non-resident license in Arizona and are in good standing in their home state.
  • Any person who has been licensed less than a year.
  • Producers who have held an AZ only license continuously since 1/1/1995.

For Additional Information, Please Contact:

Arizona Department of Insurance

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2910 North 44th Street, Suite 210
Phoenix, AZ 85018-7269

Licensing Division Contact Information

Phone: (602) 364-4457
Statewide: (877) 660-0964
Fax: (602) 364-4460
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Revised 06/07/2017.