State Requirements


Continuing Education 24 Hours Biennially
Including 3 Hours of Ethics


  • License renewal date is the last day of the month when the license was issued.


  • Classroom Courses
  • Self-Directed PDF or paper textbook
  • Online Interaction Courses
  • An Instructor can earn the same number of credit hours as a student.


  • Ethics requirement of 3 (three) hours for licensees.
  • Credit for courses that are approved for specific license class may be taken for CE credit.
  • Courses approved as life only can only be taken by producers with a life only or life, accident, and health license.


  • Initial 8-hour training requirement: Before selling annuities in California, producers must complete an initial 8-hour, state-approved annuity training course.
  • Ongoing 4-hour training requirement: After completing the initial 8-hour training requirement, producers continuing to sell annuities must complete a 4-hour, state-approved annuity CE course in every 2-year license term following the initial 8-hour training completion.


  • Initial Long Term Care Training: Accident and health agents who solicit individuals for the sale of Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance must meet the requirements of CIC Section 10234.93 which mandates that individuals authorized to sell LTC insurance must complete an eight-hour LTC course prior to soliciting individual consumers for the sale of LTC insurance.
  • Ongoing Long Term Care: Additionally, newly licensed agents must complete eight hours of LTC training every year for the first four years that they are licensed. Beginning in the fifth year that they are licensed, licensees are required to complete eight hours of LTC training every two-year license term. **Notice Life only Agents may sell LTC only as an LTC Rider, and must also complete the 8 hour training requirement.
  • Initial LTC Partnership Training:Individuals who will be involved in the sale or marketing of long-term care insurance policies certified by the California Partnership for Long-Term Care (Partnership), are required to complete a one-time sixteen (16) hours of long-term care continuing education (CE) prior to 8 hours must be completed in a classroom and 8 hours may be fulfilled by a state approved LTCP self-study course.
  • Ongoing LTC Partnership Training: 8 hours of classroom only CE specifically on the Partnership prior to the marketing of any Partnership certified policies/certificates. After the initial education requirement has been met, agents are required to repeat eight hours of classroom training on the Partnership each two-year license approval period.


  • CE hours can carry over onto the next cycle from the second year of a previous licensing term only, and cannot exceed the next renewal education requirement. Excess ethics, annuity or long-term care credits carry over as general credits.


  • Credit will not be given for a course that is repeated within a compliance period.


  • No monitor required for a final exam.


  • Agents who are 70 years or older and have held a California insurance license in good standing for 30 years or more. These agents must still meet the annuities, long-term care and CA Partnership long-term care specific product requirements if they choose to solicit these products. The producer who holds a non-resident license and does NOT sell annuities, LTC, LTC partnership, or flood products.

For Additional Information please contact:

California Department of Insurance
Licensing Division Hotline: 800-967-9331

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Revised 08/01/2022