State Requirements


Agents licensed 20 years or less require twenty-four (24) CE credit hours biennially Including - 3 hours of ethics
Agents licensed 20 years or more require twenty (20) CE credit hours biennially Including - 3 hours of ethics


  • License renewal is the last day of licensee’s birth month. Citizen affidavit and a copy of one secure and verifiable identification document required at each renewal


  • Classroom Courses
  • Self-Study Courses
  • Online Courses
  • Instructors will receive the same amount of credit hours as the attendees


  • All CE hours other than ethics must be completed in approved courses for the lines of insurance for which agent is licensed
  • For individuals holding a limited subagent license in addition to an agent license, not more than five credit hours can come from courses related to the line(s) of insurance of the limited subagent license


  • An agent may not sell, solicit or negotiate an annuity product unless the individual has completed a one time 4 hour Annuity Suitability course. Agents that have completed a four hour Annuity Suitability course in another state shall be deemed to satisfy this state’s requirement as long as the course material of that course is similar to this state’s requirements.


  • Eight (8) hours initial long-term care, and a four (4) hour long-term care training every 24 months thereafter.
  • Before selling LTC insurance products in Georgia, nonresident producers must complete an initial 8-hour, LTC training course for GA or another state, and aftercompleting the initial 8-hour requirement, they must complete a 4-hour follow-up training course every 24 months after completion of the initial training.
  • Georgia Medicaid and the Long-Term Care Partnership Program: Nonresidents who have completed another state‚Äôs qualified LTCP course will need to complete a 2-hour Georgia specific Medicaid course.
  • LTC 8-Hour Course is state-specific


  • Allowed to carry over a maximum of 50% or 12 CE hours for each reporting period
  • Excess ethics hours may be applied to the regular CE requirement, but cannot be carried over as ethics hours


  • Credit will not be given for a course that is repeated the same renewal period
  • Ethics, Current Issues, or Legislative Updates courses remain exempt from this requirement


  • Final exams are required to be monitored by a disinterested third party
    The monitor cannot be a family member, nor can it be someone who has a financial interest
  • General Monitor Affidavit Needed


  • Newly licensed individuals who completed the Georgia relicense education requirement are exempt for the first reporting period
  • A reduction of hours may be requested for time spent on insurance-related activities during the previous reporting period, including teaching, legislative, journalistic and research activities
  • Individuals who hold a non-active license because they have been licensed as an agent for 10 consecutive years or more and do not perform any insurance functions other than receiving renewal or deferred commissions
  • Non-resident producers in good standing with their home state, provided that the non-resident producer’s home state reciprocates with Georgia producers in the same manner. Non-resident producers must submit documentation at the time of renewal, certifying that they have met their home state`s continuing education requirement.

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