Your state requires a personal affidavit before taking the final exam.

Below you will find the personal affidavit link. Click the link and print the affidavit. Fill out the affidavit after taking your exam.

Florida Affidavit

Choose the type of certificate(s) you are requesting below, click "Pay Now" and proceed to the payment page for the exam.

  • After successful payment you should print a copy of the receipt.
  • You will also receive an email of the receipt.
  • On the registration page you will need the Authorization Number from your receipt.
  • You will click the link on the receipt page and go to the registration page for the exam.
  • When you click "Submit this Form" button on the registration page you will go to your exam.

State Insurance Only:

State Insurance, CFP OR IMCA:
State Insurance, CFP AND IMCA: